Basic Shared Web hosting

Things To Know About Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is one of the most budget-friendly types of web hosting and many website owners use it for their websites and email usage.

It is highly in use by blog owners, small businesses, and new websites and is an ideal answer for those who are observing to start their website with minimum funds rapidly.

If you too are looking forward to opting for shared hosting for your blog or commercial, here are some useful key points you need to know about Shared Web Hosting.

What is Shared Hosting?

In shared hosting, multiple websites are using a single server. All the websites on that server share resources; and each website is assigned a limited quantity of total server reserve which is as per their hosting plan.

It is a cost-effective way for small businesses to make an online presence. Linux Shared Hosting and Windows Shared Hosting are numerous types of Shared Hosting and almost every Web Hosting provider offers both options. What you decide to choose between Windows and Linux entirely depends on the kind of coding languages and growth platform you will use for your website. For instance, for ASP.NET websites, you will need to select Windows web Hosting.

How does Shared Hosting work?

In a shared web hosting, a server is on sharing basis that host numerous accounts for varied customers. Every client achieves their separate websites, emails, and files. However, the server capitals and expenditures are shared by all.

Shared web hosting is like living in a boarding house with other persons – you have your area, but you have to share capitals like electricity and water. What makes it inexpensive is that you can divide the cost of rental and upkeep among all the residents similarly.

Some of the advantages of shared hosting are:

It is cost-effective

Shared hosting is one of the most-effective choices when it comes to web hosting. If you want to examine the waters before getting the most out of on their website, then this hosting is an ideal choice.

No Technical maintenance

Accomplished specialists are accountable for the practical maintenance of the shared hosting server. So, you can focus on consecutively your business positively without worrying about upholding the server that ropes your website.

Built-in cPanel

Shared Hosting comes with built-in web hosting panels. Companies propose cPanel along with Linux Shared Hosting. These panels aid you smoothly to achieve your websites, email settings, DNS settings, etc.

Which type of websites exerts best on shared hosting?

Shared Hosting is the perfect platform for consecutively small to medium-sized websites. These could comprise whatever from microblogs to lively full-fledged websites for businesses. Shared Hosting bids you the flexibility and appropriateness to kick-start your dream of getting your business online.

So, if you’re initially out a small website, small commercial, or blog, shared hosting is best for you. Though, if your business has the potential to grow big, includes payments or safety information on your website, you should consider an advancement.

Foods that you can eat for less than $1 ( One Dollar ) in Sri Lanka


Let's see what types of food we can eat for less than one dollar in Sri Lanka. This would be useful for both foreigners and locals to keep the cost of living low ( If you are having a tight budget ).

What are the foods that you can eat for less than one dollar in Sri Lanka?

Before we jump into the list of foods. Please kindly note that the price of food can vary based on quality and location as well. So whenever you want to get any prepared food, just make sure it is a bit crowded place ( more the people means the foods will be better right ! ). Also, visit small shops and food outlets as the price will be less in them most of the time.

So here is the list of foods you can eat cheaply or less than one dollar in Sri Lanka! ( 1 USD is approx. about LKR 185  )

1 - Rice and Curry in Sri Lanka

Rice is the staple food of Sri Lanka so it will be cheap in most places.  The price can vary depending on the place.

Vegetable rice and curry - LKR 100 - 130 ( $0.53 ~ $0.70 )

Fish rice and curry - LKR 120 - 150 ( $0.64 ~ $0.81 )

Chicken rice and curry - LKR 150 - 180 ( $0.81 ~ $0.97 )

( Normally each plate will include 3-4 veggie curries as well )

Tip to find cheap and good quality rice and curry in Sri Lanka? Look for places called 'Matara bath kade ' ( small places with name ' මාතර බත් කඩේ '  ). Try small 'Saiwar kade' ( vegetarian food shops  ), you can get low price rice and curry. Also try rice packets ( vegetable, fish, or chicken rice ) sold by food stalls ( that appear around lunch or dinner time close to cities or alone the main roads ).

Can I get the rice and curry this cheap in major restaurants? it will be higher in price at most restaurants but sometimes you will be lucky to find cheap places as well ( take away rice packets will be cheaper than dine in ).

2 - Short eats ( Buns, Rolls, Pastries, Wade, etc.. ) in Sri Lanka

Most of the busy Sri Lankans ( those who are going to work or school ) are used to eating short eats in the morning rather than rice or any other heavy type of food.   Unlike rice and curry prices, generally, you can find low cost ( less than dollar one ) high quality short eats in popular food outlets as well ( namely Perera and sons, Fab, Some Supermarket short eats outlets etc.. ). Also, you can get at cheap price from 'Chuun Pan Tuk Tuk's' ( trishaw's that sell short eats in the morning and evening ). One more thing is small food carts
close to bars! ( Very cheap rolls and patty available with them ! )

Plain Bun - LKR 10 onwards

Roast Paan ( kind of an oven-fried portion of bread. Very tasty with any local curry ) - LKR 10 onwards

Vegetable Bun - LKR 25 onwards

Fish Bun - LKR 30 onwards

Egg Bun - LKR 30 onwards

Sausage buns - LKR 50 onwards

Fish Patty - LKR 25 onwards

Wade / vadei - LKR 10 onwards

Isso vadei - LKR 25 onwards

Uludu vadei - LKr 25 onwards

Samosa - LKR 25 onwards

Fish Rolls - LKR 25 onwards

Chicken Pie - LKR 80 onwards

Piece of Pizza  ( small ok ! ) - LKR 100 onwards

Piece of cake - LKR 60 onwards

Fish Cutlets - LKR 20 onwards

Egg Roti - LKR 50 onwards

Fish Roti - LKR onwards

Parata - LKR 20 onwards

3 - Hoppers and curry in Sri Lanka

Plain hoppers - LKR 10 onwards

Egg Hoppers - LKR 40 onwards

You will generally get a free curry with the hoppers in most places ( lunumiris or katta sambal or pol sambol ) but some might charge you about few extra rupees (  LKR 5 - 30 for the curry ). Optionally you can get a dhal, fish, chicken or beef curry as well ( will cost about LKR 60 ~ 200 for a portion ). You can eat hoppers without curry, so don't have to worry about that!

4 - String Hoppers and curry in Sri Lanka

White Rice string hopper - LKR 2 onwards

Red Rice string hopper - LKR 2 onwards

Similar to hoppers, you will get a free curry ( pol sambol ) but sometime you will have to pay for it ( LKR 20). Unlike hoppers, you will need some kind of curry to eat string hoppers. Some shops will sell string hoppers as packets. You can get 20 ~ 25 string hopper packet for about LKR 60 - 100 which is more than enough for one person ( two can share it, if you have a small tummy ! =D )

5 - Kottu in Sri Lanka

Vegetable Kottu - LKR 150 onwards

Chicken and other meat kottu plates will be higher than one dollar.

6 -  Fish  Portions

Fish curry - LKR 100 onwards

Devilled Fish curry - LKR 130 onwards

Fried Fish ( Small) - LKR 20 onwards

Tip to get cheap fried fish in Sri Lanka: You can find cheap fried fish near bars  ( in small carts parked close to bars ) starting from around LKR 20 ( Normally for 20 bucks you can get a fried salaya / sardinella ).

7 -  Chicken Portions

Chicken curry - LKR 130 onwards

Devilled Chicken curry - LKR 150 onwards

8 -  Pork Portions

Pork curry - LKR 150 onwards

9 -  Beef Portions

Beef Dish - LKR 150 onwards

Devilled Beef curry - LKR 150 onwards

Babath Dish - LKR 80 onwards

10 -  Dhal Portion

Dhal Curry - LKR 50 onwards

11 - Kurakkan Halapa / Helapa in Sri Lanka

Kurakkan Halapa - LKR 50 onwards

It is a local variety of food normally eaten for breakfast. The outside part is made up of kurakkan flour and inside is filled with Shredded coconut ( mixed with sugar caramel).  

Where can I find Kurakkan Halapa / Helapa in Sri Lanka? try small food outlets close to schools and towns. Most of them will have it. Also, it is available in few food outlets at the southern highway express resting area too.

12 - Fruits

You can eat many types of fruits under one dollar in Sri Lanka. Here are some of them ( Please note that some are seasonal fruits. so you will not find them always at the markets )

Banana - 500g is about LKR 80 onwards ( you can even buy lower quantities depending on the shop or supermarket )

Various varieties of banana ( locally called 'Kesel' ) available in the local market. Namely Ambul Kesel ( Sour taste ), Seeni Kesel ( Sugar taste), Anamalu, Ambun, Kolikuttu, Cavendish,  Rath kehel / kesel ( red version)

Mangoes - LKR 25 onwards ( each ) or about LKR 100 per 500g

Just like bananas, several types of mangoes ( Mangoes are called 'amba' in Sinhala ) available in the local market. Namely Rata Amba,  Villard, Kohu Amba ( this variety has a lot of fiber, some may not like it at all ! ), Karutha Colombun, Betti amba, Mee Amba, TJC, Alponsu Amba ( Both TJC and Alphonso are a very large and expensive type of mangoes compared to other varieties in the local market. Normally 1kg is about LKR 200 ~ 600.  ).

Apples ( Red or Green ) - LKR35 onwards ( each ) or about LKR 150 per 250g

Grapes ( Green or Red ) - LKR 100 onwards per 100g

Oranges - LKR 35 onwards (each) or about LKR 150 per 250g

WaterMelon - LKR 100 onwards per kg

Passion Fruits - LKR 100 onwards per 250g

Pears - LKR 80 onwards per 100g

Rambutan - LKR 3 - 6 ( each )

Pineapple ( Small ) - LKR 150 onwards

Papaya - LKR 100 onwards per kg

Wood apple - LKR 100 onwards per 250g

Donga - LKR 25 onwards (each)

Mangosteen - LKR 25 onwards (each)

Avocado - LKR 25 onwards (each)

Guava ( small ) - LKR 25 onwards (each)

Guava ( large ) - LKR 90 onwards per 500g

13 - Drinks in Sri Lanka

Water Bottles ( 1 liter) - LKR 60 onwards

King Coconut ( safest drink in Sri Lanka ! ) - LKR 50 onwards

A glass of Fresh Juice ( lime, papaya, mixed fruit, etc.. ) - LKR 100 onwards

Bottle / Packet of plain milk ( 180ml ) - LKR 60 onwards

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