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What is web hosting and types of web hosting ?

Webhosting is an Internet service that makes it possible for organizations and individuals to make their websites accessible to users via the World Wide Web. This space is normally leased by companies generally referred to as web hosts. Besides just allowing you to use their server space, the webhosts may also provide internet connectivity services.

There are various types of web hosting and each one of these is selected based on how complex your business or personal website is. Digging a little deeper in each of these categories, you will realize that they all have different payment plans. Some types may even have a free option but this comes with limited features. As your online presence enlarges, it becomes essential that you also make an upgrade of your type of webhosting chosen.

The following is a closer look at the different types of web hosting:

1. Basic ( Shared ) cpanel web hosting - Good for Any Small to Medium Scale Website

The name of this type of Web Hosting in Sri Lanka says it all. It involves hosting your website on a space shared by other websites. As such, you wouldn’t expect it to be expensive compared to any other type in the market. As much as it finds strength in cost matters, it is greatly disadvantaged with regards to your website being exposed to the mercy of others on a similar server. The performance of your website may be badly tempered with by a very popular site. On the other hand, if you are the superior one on the common server, you get to enjoy a super server at comparably low prices.
It is typical to begin on shared web hosting if it’s your first time setting up an online business given that the starting costs are low and you do not anticipate to get high traffic initially. It is also a good option for people running a personal blog which they use just for fun. However, a website receiving an enormous amount of traffic will find this site to be quite limiting in terms of both space and speed.

2. VPS web hosting - Good for any Website with high traffic

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) have a single physical server shared by websites but this server acts as though there are numerous versions of it. A VPS is a middle ground between shared web hosting and dedicated server. As much as each instance of the VPS shares the same resources on the hardware, the computing resources are allocated in dedicated slices.

The reliability of VPS is higher than that of shared web hosting. This is because the demand for the server itself is minimized by the set limit of 10 to 20 websites per server. A substantial improvement is made in the sense that there is an equitable distribution of resources and no website can have more than the other. When you exhaust the limit of what is set aside for you, your site can go down but others will continue to run. This functionality is realized by virtual machines that create separation in the server.

This type of Web Hosting in Sri Lanka does not have too many downsides. A major demerit is that you have to be ready to incur more hosting costs. Needless say, this is not a plan for people who are tight on budget. Also, VPS has increased configurations which means there are more responsibilities. When you are not clear about the various operations being done, there is a chance you may get rid of crucial files or software unknowingly. To better utilize it, you must first study it or seek the services of an expert.

3. Dedicated hosting - Good for sites with Heavy resource Usage

A dedicated web hosting is exactly what it is – the server space is specifically set aside for you. You do not share the entire server with any other person. The organization or individual has full control of the server and can make several decisions like which operating system and hardware they want. Within the dedicated web hosting, there is a higher level referred to as complex managed hosting. This one applies to both hybrid servers, complex physical servers and virtual servers and is mainly differentiated from the standard dedicated hosting by the level of engineering and administrative support.

Dedicated web hosting is associated with benefits such as high performance, control, email stability and security. There is no other website that holds the potential to steal your resources or bring about any other issues. The fact that the whole server belongs to you further empowers you to extensively customize, including selecting your own OS as we’ve already seen.

However, the many benefits come at a cost. You must be willing to pay more in order to rent the dedicated server. Also, your technical knowledge on computer and server matters should be impressive. As much as there is high technical support from your web host, there are a number of customization that you’ll do on your own. For instance, the installation of OS is a personal task. Think about all the other tools required in running a web server, removing malware and scanning for any misconfigurations. Most organizations prefer employing IT experts to perform these functions for them but that is just additional costs incurred.

4. Cloud-based web hosting - Expensive but more stable than other hosting types !

This is a fairly new technology that firms are grappling to understand. We already know the many benefits associated with cloud storage such as being able to access your files across any synced device. That is the kind of merit that we seek to transfer to web hosting. In this type, there are multiple individual servers working together such that they appear as though they are a large single server. The reasoning behind this technology is that as the need grows, it becomes easier to simply add another server to the grid, creating space to accommodate more resource demands.

Cloud-based WordPress Web hosting is advantageous in the sense that if you happen to get an unusually large amount of traffic, your web hosting plan will be able to seamlessly accommodate the surge of traffic. This is contrary to the other plans where increased traffic causes a website to shut down.

However, just like dedicated web hosting, you must be willing to pay more. The charges incurred here are usually high, mainly because of the advanced technology.

Factors to Consider When Buying Web Hosting

Choosing the right web hosting can be a daunting task. For most people, it is quite confusing to differentiate the various technical specifications enlisted for each web hosting plan. Some technical knowledge goes a long way in helping you make better decisions. When you know what to look out for, you get to avoid the rush to run your website over the Internet quickly, ignoring important details. The following factors should be taken into account while choosing between various Web Hosting Companies in Sri Lanka.

#1: Cost of Web Hosting

The main factor that most people look at when choosing Web Hosting in Sri Lanka is normally the price. As much as it is important to do so, this should never be the ultimate guiding factor. As you will soon see, the costs involved in web hosting are just a fraction of the many other crucial factors. When you encounter differing prices, always consider digging a little bit deeper to be sure that you are getting what you are paying for. It isn’t helpful to just jump at a cheaper option for the mere reason that you will save more. If you are into the website business to make money, you will want to be assured that as much as you are paying less, you will still have your site running for a bigger amount of time.

Services like quality hardware and outsourced support lead to more money expenditure. Chances are a $1.99 web hosting charges per month wouldn’t offer such a service. Read on below to find out how features comparison can help you decide objectively with regards to price matters. Web hosting price in Sri Lanka varies greatly and you have to conduct a detailed research to ensure that the company you’ve chosen doesn’t rip you off.

#2: Specifications of Web Hosting

Before taking your website online, objectively analyze it and determine what it will be used for. Be honest in your analysis as this is a major determinant of what web hosting will be selected. For example, if you want to use your website for e-commerce purposes or for sharing videos, you definitely need to consider speed and space. The processing power and RAM are also some key considerations to put in mind. Failure to take care of these features will see you have to grapple with downtime issues or long load times.

Even if the hosting is marketed to you as being the cheapest in the market, look to see what they are offering you. Have you ever heard of the saying that “cheap is expensive?” ignoring vital specs may eventually result in this saying becoming a reality. Visitors to your site easily get irritated when it loads sluggishly or is always down.

#3: Reputation of the web hosting company

Consider an everyday life occurrence – purchasing fruits. When you are sure that vendor A sells fresh apples while Vendor B’s fruits are spoilt, whom will you go to? Definitely Vendor A, right? That is the same thing that happens when it comes to selecting a web hosting plan. Carefully read what other users are saying about the chosen web hosting to be sure that it has a solid reputation. The main goal here is for the web host to gain your trust.

If there are so many complains about the host you are considering, the best advice would be to ignore such. This is an early indicator that you will have similar troubles in the near future. Always at getting your services from a host that is not only reputable but also strives to give the best quality. You may feel that you are paying more but it is worth it.

#4: User-friendliness

Before looking at the control panel, let’s take a brief look at customer service issues. The quality of customer service given by your host matters a lot, especially considering most of your interaction will be online-based. The web host must be readily available either through a phone call or email whenever you fall into technical issues. Also, the user-friendliness of the control panel must be taken into account. The more complex the C-panel, the higher your chances of running into trouble. Taking a trial or speaking to a few people who have an experienced with the said web host will give you an idea of what it is like to be serviced by a certain provider.

#5: Hardware

Thorough research is required for this. You can ask the web host direct questions and research on other platforms like Quora to know the kind of machines used. Why is it important to have such details? Well, if your web host has the most recent machines, it means the security of your website is strong and you are less likely to run into downtime issues.

Best Web hosting companies for business or personal websites

Inmotion Web Hosting

This is a perfect choice for personal websites. Users are offered a wide range of options and possibilities, making Inmotion a good fit for both small size sites as well as planned upgrades. The web hosting company also caters for shared business hosting as well as WordPress hosting. You do not need to have technical knowledge of WordPress Web hosting for you to use Inmotion. Visit Inmotion Website >>

Siteground Web Hosting

Siteground is another awesome web hosting company for personal websites. It can also conveniently meet the needs of small businesses through its three shared hosting plans, namely: GoGeek, GrowBig and StartUp. The three plans are not the cheapest in the market as the web host seeks to offer premium-like services to its customers. Visit Siteground Website

Namecheap Web Hosting

Namecheap is a viable option for both domain names and website hosting. Their primary advantage has to do with pricing, offering shockingly cheap prices. However, you should have understood from our ‘factors to consider when buying web hosting’ ideas above that cheap does not always mean the best value. Visit Namecheap Website >>

Hostgator Web Hosting

Hostgator is a reputable name in the web hosting business, thanks to its massive investment in marketing. As one of the many Web Hosting Companies in Sri Lanka, the web host as packages both for individuals and WordPress websites. The value for your money on Hostgator is never in doubt and even if you were to pick their basic plan, you will still get satisfied. Visit Hostgator Website >>

Hostwinds Web Hosting

One major merit for hosting your website with Hostwinds is that you get unlimited disk space and bandwidth. That is true for all the three packages - Basic, Advanced and Ultimate. Furthermore, the three packages provide the subscribers with a dedicated IP address, a feature not available in most hosting companies. Visit Hostwinds Website


A2hosting is focused on making sure that you “do not kid around” as their slogan reads and rather take web hosting on the next level. Personal websites are greatly catered for by the Lite Package (which is a shared hosting option). Its premium package takes things even further by offering more features meant to meet the needs of business websites. A2hosting can also cater for your cPanel Web hosting needs. Visit A2Hosting Website >>

Web hosting hub

Web hosting hub has some of the strongest shared web hosting plans. Its customer service is also excellent, much better than most web hosting companies that charge higher prices. Furthermore, Web hosting hub gives its newest subscribers the longest money-back guarantee, a testament of how much they believe in the quality of their services. Visit Web Hosting Hub Website >>

Interserver Web Hosting

Just like reputable web hosting companies, Interserver allows you a free website migration. Well, this is a feature that works for all because it helps increase their customer base. But what sets the company apart is its inclusion of unlimited resources in all packages and also use of SSD enhanced servers. Visit Interserver Website >>

Bluehost Web Hosting

The rate at which WordPress has grown is immeasurable and there are chances you may want to quickly setup one for your project. Bluehost is one of the best WordPress Web hosting companies in Sri Lanka to you for that task. There are more than 2 million websites subscribed to Bluehost, which tells you how reputable the company is. Visit Bluehost Website >>

GreenGeeks Web Hosting

GreenGeeks finds pride in its environment-friendly web hosting, the focus of high technology performance and user-friendly cPanel Web hosting. There is also an utmost concentration on top security and excellent speed, which means you will have fewer reasons to contact its robust customer service. Visit GreenGeeks Website >>


When choosing the best web hosting company for your business or personal website, you must put into consideration the factors discussed in this article. Doing so ensures that you do not subscribe to a web hosting company that costs you a lot of money. It also safeguards you from website down problems. This article has even gone ahead to give you some of the top 10 best Web Hosting Companies in Sri Lanka. Feel free to review each and choose one that best suits you.